For Providers

Why Partner with Us

Clover Therapeutics exists to help patients with diseases of aging, beginning with ophthalmic and retinal conditions. By working with the best researchers in the world, we are determined to discover new treatments for conditions with the largest unmet needs, such as AMD. This is only possible when we partner with you: providers and patients who share our passion.

Together, we can better understand chronic conditions and develop new therapies to improve outcomes and quality of life for patients.

Our Promise to You

We pride ourselves on the relationships we develop with providers. We support our providers by:

  • Enhancing patient engagement and value by offering research opportunities for unmet medical needs
  • Supporting your office throughout the process to make research seamless and accessible
  • Building trusting relationships with patients through knowledge sharing, transparency, and responsible data management

Our Research Programs

In the DIVERSITY study, whole genome sequences of AMD cases and controls of non-caucasians will be analyzed to discover novel genetic variants that affect AMD risk.

In the PROGRESSION study, the genotypes and phenotypes of patients with different rates of disease progression are analyzed for modifiers of disease progression.

Data obtained from studies will be used to discover new potential drug candidates and diagnostic biomarkers that lead to future treatments.

Ways to Collaborate

Our adaptive clinical research model can be tailored to fit the needs of your office and can accommodate travel restrictions due to COVID-19.